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Salt Pig Sea Salts- Jim Anderson, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

We are delighted to feature fabulous man Jim Anderson and his business Salt Pig Sea Salts based in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.

Jim Anderson is a producer of finest sea salts and herbs seasonings. We are honoured that our dried mushrooms are blended and packed by Salt Pig Sea Salts.

Highest quality products chosen by professional chiefs and those who simply love cooking.

Jim Anderson is also a radio presenter for local Sescot Radio where he has own food program- Thursday Food for Thought.

What Jim says about his business:

Salt Pig Sea Salts, is a micro business which came about because of

my love of cooking, when looking for an alternative to Table Salt I

found that most Sea Salt blends where either not a good Salt / Herb ratio or the Salts where too coarse so i set about finding a finer Sea Salt that was not too coarse would blend well and was kind to grinders.

The result was as you can see and taste.

A perfect blend of small grained  Coarse Sea Salt & quality Herbs.”

Products blended with Mycobee Mushrooms are available from our online shop.

To purchase other products produced by Salt Pig Sea Salts, please visit website >>> or contact Jim Anderson directly 07535835438

Don’t forget to follow Salt Pig Sea Salts on social media:

Facebook @saltpigseasalts

Twitter @saltpigseasalts

Instagram @saltpigseasalts

Check out our new products from Salt Pig Sea Salts.

Thank you for supporting small local businesses!

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