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Reishi, the "mushroom of eternal life", is primarily effective in regenerating the liver and thus detoxifying. Due to its high triterpene content it is also anti-inflammatory.

Reishi has been used in China for medicinal purposes for thousands of years and is considered even more valuable than ginseng. The well-known approximately 2000 year old Chinese pharmacopeia "Shen Long Ben Tsao" classifies all herbs known at that time into three groups, Reishi being a member of the most valued group, the "Herbs of God". There it is ranked superior to all other plants and is termed the "king of medicinal plants", "mushroom of longevity" or "herb of spiritual power".

From a modern point of view, this honour makes sense. Almost all effects attributed to Reishi in ancient China have been verified by recent scientific studies. The term "immune power" was unknown in ancient China, but one meant the same when one emphasised: "Reishi helps to overcome diseases and prolongs human longevity. It helps us to stay healthy and avoid becoming sick in the first place because it has both a preventive and curing effect." In any case, it supports our body’s energetic system.


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