Trumpet Royale 'Eryngii'

King Oyster 

Trumpet Royale (Pleurotus eryngii) also known as King Oyster, French Horn, King Trumpet Mushroom or Boletus of the Steppes.


King Oyster belongs to the oyster family and it is largest and tastiest in oyster mushroom family. It has a tiny cap and thick and meaty stem.

Its origins reach Mediterranean Sea, middle West and Northern parts of Africa.

Trumpet Royale is highly regarded by chefs, not only for its very delicious taste but also long shelf life.

Our King Oysters grow from certified axenic mycelium on locally sources high quality substrate which is mostly organic.

King Oyster is not only highly regarded by its delicious taste but also long shelf life comparing to other oyster mushroom types.

This is the strain of the mushroom that grows fast and is available most of the times.

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