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Mycoworms are happy worms!

Worms love spent mushroom substrate, in fact mycelium is their favourite food.

Mushroom cultivation gives us a great opportunity to help the planet, we turn spent mushroom substrates into one of the best natural fertilizer for the soil with help of little worms.

Mycocomposting with worms is called Mycovermicomposting. This type of compost has amazing qualities that rejuvenate and recharge the soil, improving its quality with beneficial microbes, essential for plants to grow. Plants form symbiotic relationship with friendly bacteria and spread it within root system. It is highly beneficial for entire life on the planet.

Mycovermicomposting is a perfect solution for urban environment, community gardens to bring nutrients and enhance fertility of the soil.

When you compliment vegetable crops with edible mushrooms, you will get many benefits:

- High protein food produced from organic waste

- Zero waste, minimizing impact on the planet

-Soil creation! Result of mushroom cultivation is the creation of the organic rich in nutrients soil.

- Mycelium form mycorrhysal relationships with plants

- Mycelium function as biological filter for the soil


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If you have a garden or run community gardens and would like to improve your soil quality with mushrooms and worms, contact us and we will help you to help our planet.

If you are interested in learning mushroom farming and mycovermicomposting,

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