Fascinating Lion’s Mane Mushrooms at MycoBee Farm

Searching for perfection means providing our clients with highest quality of our products. We are delighted to cooperate with MushOn, the Lion’s Mane Guru and specialist.

In the past year we were growing Lion’s Mane with various results and I must say since we teamed up with MushOn, we are proud of the results. We are delighted to bring highest quality Lion’s Mane Mushrooms to Scottish Market. We invested time in research and trials and we can assure you, you can't find better quality product in UK.

We grow fresh Lion's Mane made of MushOn substrates at our Farm at North Berwick. You can purchase from us fresh mushrooms within Lothian area.

Please note, due to the nature of the fresh product that needs to be refrigerated, we don't post fresh mushrooms. You can buy them locally at Farmers Markets around Midlothian area, Scotland.

Currently you can find us at Scottish Farmers Markets:

ALLOA MARKET - 1st Friday of the month

PORTOBELLO MARKET - 1st Saturday of the month

EDINBURGH FARMERS MARKET - 2nd Saturday of the month

LAUREL BANK ARTISAN MARKET - 3rd Saturday of the month

HADDINGTON FARMERS MARKET- Last Saturday of the month

CROFT AT LEITH MARKET- usually every Sunday

We also deliver locally for free, East Lothian & Midlothian

All other products, including gourmet dried mushrooms, gourmet mushroom seasonings and mushroom grow boxes can be posted worldwide.

Why quality matters?

Food is like a fuel for our body, if you feed it well it works well. Mushrooms are approximately 90% water. The substrate is the food for mushrooms and the substrate plays crucial role for the quality of the mushroom, together with environment they grow in. Organic substrates used in production of Lion's Mane, gives them all the nutrition your body will thank for.

Who is MushOn?

Specialists in Lion's Mane for the UK market. We are delighted to support MushOn work. Trust me, you won't find better quality of this glorious mushroom in the UK. MushOn shares the passion and love for fungi kingdom with us all, and it's a pleasure to work with them.

What is so special about Lion's Mane?

In East Asia, the Hericium erinaceus - Lion's Mane has been valued for centuries as a source of inner strength.

It is used traditionally to promote a sense of harmony.

Hericium is also known by names such as lion’s mane, pom pom mushroom and bearded tooth mushroom.

The fine aroma of this valuable fine mushroom, which evokes veal or poultry, is just as remarkable as its eccentric names.

Owing to its very fine taste, its fleshy fruiting body is not only valued by connoisseurs, but is increasingly featured in the cuisine of renowned chefs.

This vital mushroom has many health benefits and many scientific studies has been done. There is lots of information online about this powerful and fascinating mushroom.

I invite you to try this glorious mushroom!

Mush Love

Mycobee Team

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