Maitake- Hen of the Woods

The Maitake has already been valued as a vital mushroom for centuries in Japan and China. It has proven itself traditionally as a rich source of valuable organic vital substances and as a promoter of vital energy.

In Asia, the maitake has long been considered a real delicacy. It is also referred to as “sheep’s head”, due to the shape of its growth.

It was first referred to in writing in a Japanese tale from the 11th century. The term “maitake” translates as “dancing mushroom”. According to legend, nuns got lost in a forest and - close to starvation – they discovered the maitake there as a food source. After enjoying the mushroom, it is said that the nuns danced exuberantly with some passing woodcutters, to celebrate their good fortune.

The maitake, which belongs to the family of giant polypores, has beautiful brown to shiny greyish fruiting bodies. The fruiting bodies that grow like a bouquet of flowers are soft and have a fleshy consistency. They are very tasty. For many connoisseurs, the maitake is the tastiest of all edible mushrooms.