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MycoKids at Granton Castle Walled Garden 2024


  • Friday, 24th May, 2pm- 3pm

  • Friday, 19th July, 2pm- 3pm


We are MycoBee & MycoWorm, we would like to invite you to MycoKids, Fungi Fun Activities for Kids and parents at Granton Castle Walled Garden.

Connection with Nature plays crucial role in our mental and physical health, both for kids and adults. In the era of fast growing technology, its important to balance our life with physical outdoor activities. At MycoKids we have lots of exciting activities to discover fascinating world of fungi and their importance for us and Nature.

Our classes are designed for groups 5- 10 and 10-15 years old.


Kids will learn:

  • what mushrooms are

  • mushrooms life cycle

  • the role mushrooms play in our life

  • hunting for mushrooms

  • making spore prints

  • mushroom art

  • how mushrooms clean the planet

  • mycoworms

  • growing own mushrooms

Email us to book:

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