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The importance of mushrooms for humanity.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The importance of mushrooms for humanity

People have been aware of the value of mushrooms as a food for thousands of years. Today they provide us with a healthy and exceptionally tasty foodstuff to enrich our menus.

Mushrooms are exceptionally rich in valuable organic vital substances and also contain very few calories. They are therefore very suitable for weight loss and of course to maintain a healthy weight. Since the “Ötzi” find, it is also known that mushrooms were used not only in Asia but also in Europe more than 5300 years ago for medicinal purposes.

Just like nature, our body also knows that it can detoxify with the help of mushrooms. Mushrooms are capable of splitting up toxins so they can be eliminated. If our body can no longer keep up with our detoxification, then it allows the development of so-called “weakness fungi”. The most well-know of these is no doubt Candida albicans. It is needed especially to reduce the burdening of the organism with mercury for example due to amalgam in tooth fillings.

Many therapists are of the opinion that one must combat the so-called “weakness fungi” immediately. However, they do not appear to be clear on why the body allowed these fungi in the first place. “Weakness fungi” are also very often found in the body after chemotherapy, which leads as a side effect to a very high toxin burden on the organism. Here their occurrence is also almost always viewed as very negative and then usually combatted with even more chemicals. However, these fungi support the body in detoxification, therefore they should not be combatted and especially not by means of more chemicals.

Medicinal mushrooms help to detoxify

Medicinal mushrooms (pillar fungi) help the body very effectively in detoxification. Subsequently, it does not need so many of the so-called “weakness fungi” for detoxification. Even though it may appear paradoxical for many therapists (doctors and healthcare practitioners) at first, one can reduce the “weakness fungi” in the body with the right medicinal mushrooms. This still largely unknown fact, that mushrooms detoxify, is ultimately the reason why many therapists are not always without reservations towards medicinal mushroom treatment.

Since the discovery of penicillin (antibiotics), a mould fungus, by Alexander Fleming, modern medicine is also aware of what positive effects fungi can harbour. Immunosuppressants (cyclosporin) are also extracted from mushrooms.

In homeopathy even remedies made from poisonous mushrooms are used for our recovery, in accordance with the wise saying by Paracelsus: “All substances are poisons, there is none which is not a poison. Only the dose makes the poison.”

Old traditions

Cultures with a shamanic tradition use psychotropic mushrooms to open the mind towards healing, as many people do not allow healing because they have resigned themselves to their illness. The reason for this is often that illness can also be associated with positive experiences on the emotional front. If we are ill, we receive more attention, we are visited more often and receive flowers and other gifts. Nor do we need to function as perfectly as when we are healthy. This is not only a phenomenon of our modern era. The shamans were already aware of this centuries ago.


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