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Seabuckthorn Bracket (Fomitiporia hippophaeicola), Mycobee Library No.46

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Scientific name: Fomitiporia hippophaeicola (previously Phellinus hippophaeicola)

British name: Seabuckthorn Bracket

Polish name: Guzoczyrka rokitnikowa

You must know I am in love with Seabuckthorn, we cooperate with Seabuckthorn Scotland and use in our products berries collected by lovely Kirsty and her team. I am delighted with Fomitiporia hippophaeicola bracket fungus that grows exclusively on Seabuckthorn.

Few years ago I have found my first specimen but didn’t know much about Seabuckthorn then. Now I see them everywhere.

Check the gallery and see different shapes and stages of growth of this fascinating fungi.

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