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Miracle Winter Oyster, shall we call it Pink Floyd Oyster?

This is beyond our excitement, we had a first flush of Grey Oyster on 24th December 2019, beautiful strong healthy mushrooms as you can see.

They gave 4 flushes and we were expecting bags will not produce much more.

However we were still keeping them in growing room.

We gave them love and care, not expecting much.

To our excitement they started pinning again and to our surprise they turned to have amazing pink gills.

We did little treatment for them, not expecting much. Now we are over the moon with the results.

Is this accidental treatment birthed new variety of Winter Oysters?

Time will show.

We want to lab test them, to see if they hold the same genetic code as original ones.

Aren’t they just beautiful?

Nature amazes me every single day.