We are delighted to team up with Edinburgh Fermentarium. I don’t think anyone ever made Lions Mane Achar before and I question if any would ever make better one. We all know how beneficial for our health is fermented food and fermented mushrooms. Just glorious.! Try it! Love it!We highly recommend all other products from Edinburgh Fermentarium.

Lion’s Mane Achar by Edinburgh Fermentarium

  • Sadly we are not able to deliver for free any more for our local customers. All orders can be placed online for 1st class delivery. Local customers from East Lothian area can pick up from Haddington Farmers Market on last Saturday of the month.

    Edinburgh customers can pick up from following markets:

    1st Saturday of the month Portobello Market

    2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month Edinburgh Farmers Market

    Fresh mushrooms are subject to availability, best way is to preorder,, waiting time 1-2 weeks.

    Please note: we do not post fresh mushrooms due to their nature, they need to be refrigerated all the time.


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