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One year already? Mycobee Mushrooms 1st Anniversary at Fenton Barns.

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

This year has been such a rollercoaster not only for us but for many businesses around the world. However, we are still here and we have a great plans to bring a lot of vital and delicious mushrooms for our clients. Many fascinating projects for next year 2021.

First of all we would like to say Big Thank you for all of you who has been part of our mushroom journey.

Huge gratitude to wonderful lady Lesley and Fenton Barns team for having us on board. We received the keys to our Mycobee farm on 4th November 2019 And today marks 1st Anniversary of our journey with mushrooms at East Lothian, Scotland.

Beginning was unexpectedly difficult for us. We became not well for a long time November and December. Resulting with Mario ending in the hospital for 14days. This of course slowed down the process of setting everything up. Officially our company came to life on 24th December 2019.

Big gratitude to my dear friend Brian for helping us with inoculating very first oyster logs at the farm.

We are more than grateful for my amazing friend Krystina for inspiration, encouraging and believing in us.

Big gratitude to our brother John for helping us on many ways.

Huge thank you for Mark from Woodmark, East Lothian for supplying us with high quality Oak sawdust for our substrate.

Gratitude list can go on and on.

Thank you Jim from Salt Ping Salts from Dunbar for blending for us gourmet seasonings and salts with our mushrooms.

Thank you Haddington Farmers Market organisers for having us. Our first farmers market and we love it.

Thank you Rod and all at Market at the Croft organisers. Also thank you Rod for spent coffee for our mushroom substrate.

Northern Coffee hopefully will be creating mushroom coffee with our mushrooms.