Mush Welcome!

You are entering the world of Mycobee Mushroomarium.

The Place where wonders of mushrooms are multiplied by wonders of herbs, plants, honey and a lot more. Mushrooms are connected with all that exists, without mushrooms, we would not have a life on this planet like we know now.

Mushrooms are food of the Past and the Future.

Not only food, mushrooms are recyclers of our planet. Just 40 years without mushrooms and we would have no Air to breathe, we would stop exist. Mushrooms are here to safe us and our planet.

Mushrooms are ESSENTIAL, they are: food, medicine, decomposer regulating natural cycles of life, and much more.


Here in Mycobee Mushroomarium we would like to bring you high quality dried mushrooms, gourmet blends, mushroom- herbal blends, hushroom honey, fermented mushrooms and much more for you to connect with the power of the Nature.

Because your body deserves the best!

For Your Body, Mind & Spirit!

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