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Mycobee Mushrooms C.I.C. is a social enterprise specializing in growing delicious mushrooms and sharing knowledge of sustainable, low tech mushroom growing techniques, mycoremediation to help to restore our planet and safe mushroom foraging.

We are passionate about mushrooms, Fungi Kingdom in general & their role in our life and the life on our planet. Without fungi, wouldn't be us and life as we know wouldn't exist.

Mushroom growing is proven to have lowest carbon footprint comparing with other crop production. Mushrooms also provide essential nutrients in our soil and our food.

We aim to bring our local clients the highest quality, freshest gourmet mushrooms.

Our products are 100% FREE from preservatives & chemicals, vegetarian & vegan friendly. 

Our mushrooms grow on locally sourced organic substrates, our spent substrates are used as nutritious compost for other crops.

As a social enterprise we are dedicated to the research of Fungi, their use in everyday life, biodiversity, mycovermicomposting and mycoremediation.

We are working on developing new products and sharing our knowledge  with local communities to reduce our carbon footprint and restore health on our planet..

As a Community Interest Company we work in collaboration with local charities, communities & small businesses to bring positive change to us and our planet with Fungi Gardens to restore health of our soil and plants.


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