Trumpet Royale. Medicinal properties of King Oyster mushroom.

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Trumpet Royale (Pleurotus eryngii) also known as King Oyster, French Horn, King Trumpet Mushroom or Boletus of the Steppes.


King Oyster belongs to the oyster family and it is largest and tastiest in oyster mushroom family. It has a tiny cap and thick and meaty stem.

Its origins reach Mediterranean Sea, middle Wast and Northern parts of Africa.

Trumpet Royale is highly regarded by chefs, not only for its very delicious taste but also long shelf life.

In addiction it is packed with large amounts of nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Highly beneficial for our health and balanced diet, with great source of protein it is an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians.


1. Contains ANTIOXIDANTS in the form of amino acid known as ERGOTHIONEINE that cleanses the body. Especially beneficial for eyes, liver and kidneys.

Those antioxidants reverse spreading of cancerous cells. Keeps body cells healthy and boost IMMUNE SYSTEM.

2. Trumpet Royale contains LOVASTATIN, diseases fighting compounds.

Lovastatin is lowering and regulating cholesterol level.

Supports CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH, enchances blood circulation and improving blood levels.

• fights anaemia

• regulates insulin level and raise haemoglobin level

• low in saturated fat and cholesterol

3. Great energy booster, perfect for sportsmen and active people.

4. ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES, helps to fight diseases

5. ANTI- INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES, fights fibromyalgia, muscular pain, arthritis

6. ANTICANCER PROPERTIES, beneficial to suppress breast and colon cancer

7. Suppressing fatty acid absorption. Increasing testosterone and estrogen, BENEFICIAL DURING MENOPAUSE. Helps with better bone mineral composition and reducing risk of OSTEOPOROSIS

8. Rich in NUTRITIONS: source of riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, potassium, copper, fibre, protein, thiamin, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, zinc and manganese.

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