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April 2023, Mycobee at K- Woodlands.

We've had an amazing time running second Mushroom Growing Course at K- Woodlands on 22nd and 23rd April.

Fantastic group of people joined us to learn how to grow mushrooms.

We love to share what we know about mushrooms cultivation and makes my heart sing when I see people excited about fungi kingdom.

Saturday, 22nd April 2023

What we did on Saturday?

We always begin our courses with our story and how we started our mushroom growing journey.

There is introduction to fungi world, what mushrooms are and their importance for us and the nature.

Next we went for a foraging walk in woods to observe how mushrooms grow in natural habitat and what they require for growing.

After the walk we were identifying the mushrooms we have foudn in the woods, made spore prints and cloned mushrooms with cardboard technique.

Then we were explaining lime cold water pasteurisation and soaking straw overnight.