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26.07.2023 It's official, Mycobee found a new home.

Exciting times. On 26th July we received keys to Granton Castle Walled Gardens.

New chapter for Mycobee Mushrooms begins.

We cannot believe we have been living in Granton- Muirhouse area since 2006 and we just find out about this magical and sacred place. Our gratitude is over the moon to be part of this amazing community.

Oyster Mushroom corner created by one of team members and new rased bed for Mycobee first Oyster Mushrooms made by volunteers.

Yellow Stainer Mushroom at Granton Castle Walled Garden.

Logs inoculated with native Chicken of the Woods mycelium.

Delivering water containers to Granton Castle Walled Garden for Oyster mushrooms production. Big thanks to all helpers!

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