Polyporus Umbellatus

Lumpy bracket – The cluster-shaped mushroom can prevent fluid retention and lymphatic blockage.

Polyporus acts diuretically and thus increases the urine flow - without causing an increase in the excretion of potassium. This relieves the heart and lowers the diastolic blood pressure.

The Polyporus medicinal mushroom is closely connected with the lymphatic system, which evacuates numerous toxins from body tissue to be excreted via liver and kidneys. Moreover, the lymphatic system plays an important role in the immune system. Any blockage of the lymphatic system causes overloading of the organism with waste products and thus additional stress on the immune system.

In cancer, for instance, the proper functioning of the lymphatic system is particularly important. In particular, if lymph nodes have already had to be removed due to the cancer, lymphatic blockage and accumulation are likely to occur. These should definitely be counteracted with the Polyporus medicinal mushroom within the scope of holistic treatment. The lymphatic system also needs to be supported before, during and after chemotherapy to evacuate toxins caused by the treatment. Polyporus can thus alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Polyporus also helps to support the lymph by acne and articular (joint) swelling.

Tumour growth can be inhibited by, e.g. lung or liver cancer. Moreover, its polysaccharides have modulating effects on the immune system.


Application in Traditional Chinese Medicine

    • Properties: sweet, slightly cool, neutral

    • acts on spleen, kidneys and bladder

    • releases fluid retention

    • has diuretic and reducing effects

    • antibiotic for oedemas and by painful urination

    • counteracts diarrhoea

    • counteracts Fluor albus

    • counteracts bladder dysfunctions

    • counteracts nephritis


    • Yin deficiency and lack of fluid