Animal Health

The human and the animal organism barely differ from one another. Modern science makes use of this fact when it comes to verifying the effectiveness of therapies.

The beneficial effects of Medicinal Mushrooms have been known for thousands of years through Traditional Chinese Medicine and have also been shown to promote animal health.

A large number of animal owners have already experienced the positive effects of medicinal mushrooms. Specific mushrooms - ideally organically grown and certified in Germany - are elaborately processed as individual substances or in combination with others and packed as easily dosed cellulose capsules. However, the capsules can be opened if necessary to feed the powder to the animal more conveniently.

Medicinal mushrooms reinforce the immune system, prevent general fatigue and exhaustion and inhibit tumour growth.

The blood’s capacity to absorb oxygen is demonstrably improved. Moreover, the mushrooms have positive effects on the autonomic nervous system.

The mushrooms contain valuable minerals and trace elements, amino acids and enzymes. For instance, they strengthen and protect kidneys and liver, strengthen the cardiac muscles and the respiratory tract. Medicinal mushrooms are not only used to treat medical conditions but also to prevent them, i.e. as prophylactic treatment.

The following overview provides a summary of possible veterinary applications for medicinal mushrooms.