Salt Pig Sea Salts
Gourmet Mushroom Salts & Seasonings

We are delighted to team up with fabulous man Jim Anderson and his business Salt Pig Sea Salts based in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.

Jim Anderson is the producer of finest sea salts and herbs seasonings.

Salt Pig Sea Salts company is blending our dried mushrooms with sea salts and herbs to create highest quality Gourmet Mushroom Salts & Seasonings.

Highest quality products chosen by professional chiefs and those who simply love cooking.

Jim Anderson is also a radio presenter for local Sescot Radio where he has own food program- Thursday Food for Thought.

Products blended with Mycobee Mushrooms are available below.

To purchase other products produced by Salt Pig Sea Salts, please visit website >>>

or contact Jim Anderson directly 07535835438