"let food be

thy medicine


medicine be

thy food" 


- Hippocrates

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Industrial growth of oyster mushrooms on

We produce absolutely chemical FREE and packed with large amount of nutrients exotic mushrooms to support your health and energy level.

Grow your own

Now you can grow your own mushrooms with MycoBee Grow Kits. We produce mushroom spawn, substrates and stock all neccesary products for growing your mushrooms at home and for proffessional growers.

We supply local shops, restaurants, hotels with fresh, high quality mushrooms. Contact us for wholesale prices...

Food Market Crowd

You can find us on one of the local farmers market.For dates and places press button below.


Foraging events, Medicinal Mushroom workshops,Mushroom Growing classes and more...


Healing with mushrooms- mycotherapy, is one of the oldest and most proven natural treatment. For more info about Medicinal mushrooms contact our certified Mycotherapist.

MycoBee Art

Love mushrooms?

Check out mushroom Art available from our store...

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Exclusive Mycovital Blends Mushrooms & Plants
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